Security Guard Training can be fun and rewarding. The skills and knowledge needed to be a security guard go far beyond the classic old man sleeping in a chair in the corner of a sleepy small town bank, which has been immortalized in TV and movies.


  • Residential Communities, including both gated and un-gated neighborhoods
  • Residential Condominium Communities
  • Commercial Office Buildings and Office Complexes


  • Uniformed "Certified" Security Officers
  • Patrol Services
  • Security Consulting Services
  • Security Technology

Mission Statement

“Highly knowledgeable to protect your businesses”


For Home, Office, Business, or Personal interactions

Public Safety exists to protect us, to enforce in building superior security service. Enter State Top Security is prepared to lead your facilities. We'll use philosophy in public safety as a serious business in which we will provide the best job.

Our focus is to help you choose surveillance that fit your needs as well as your wallet. We can service both your personal and professional security needs. You can be assured we will provide superior security services at the highest quality that gets you the security results you want and need to feel safe.

For further information our website offers detailed information to help you best decide what will work in your favor. At Enter State, we designed a security company that specializes in meeting a variety of security needs and services such as top not security patrolling. We also provide security for Residential Gated Communities, Shopping Centers, Markets, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, Retirement Home Facilities, Construction Sites, Condominiums, Apartments, Dealerships, Cargos Yards, and Single Family Housing. We are currently expanding into providing full service security for Educational facilities such as schools, libraries, and university campuses, etc.

At Enter State Top Security Academy and Services Inc, our number one (#1) objective is to be the leading security company services provider in the State of Florida, offering security officers and mobile patrol services recognized by our clients, industries, manufacturing facilities, and commercial properties environment as a company that is capable of preparing and adapting to the rapidly changing needs of those we serve and protect. We will treat all our clients with the upmost in courtesy, dignity and respect, providing and exceeding the highest ethical quality standards of service and Security in the *United States.


Our Corporation

We help achieve your vision and we’re committed to the following principals:


Promoting safe environments.


We provide superior services against Breaches, Burglaries, Loitering, Batteries, Restricted area, and Trespassing.


We always go more than extra mile in dealing with people, whether they are members of public, customers, our supervisor, or employees. We will endeavor to obtain management consensus on important issues. We committed to listening and responding to the needs of the customers.


We will set a new standard in the industry, one of uncompromising hard and teamwork. Our goal at ESTSAS is to provide110% customer services to all clients and never give up. You deserve a better protection service. We will handle all details and logistics from day one.


We will be honest and truthful from each other that way we will win by professionalism.



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